Sunday, May 20, 2012

Washer Helpers

We recently needed to buy a new washing machine, and we bit the bullet and bought the matching dryer too.

We didn't anticipate that it would bring so much excitement to the house, though!
The boys pull up chairs and watch the washer go around and around.

Noah is the "washer helper" and Isaac is the "dryer helper."  They each load and unload their respective machines and push the buttons to get their machine running.

When the machines are done, they play music.  We love it!  We run into the laundry room and dance.

For Mother's Day at preschool, Noah was asked a few questions about me for a project.  When he was asked, "What does your Mommy like to do?"  He answered, "She likes to do the laundry."

I would have never said that's true in the past, but at least for now, it is fun to do laundry with these new machines.