Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm all caught up!

Phew!  As of today, August 31, I am all caught up on my blogging!  Yeah!!!

Good Shepherd Preschool

Noah will attend Good Shepherd Preschool for his 4-year-old school this year.  We went to meet his new teachers, Ms. Jean and Ms. Karen, and we checked out his new classroom and the playground.

Noah is looking forward to starting school, and his first impressions were great!  He loved the playground.

And the swings got rave reviews.

Isaac agreed.  This school is going to be great!

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32 States!

We played the license plate game on the round trip from North Carolina to Georgia, and we found licence plates from 32 states!

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1, 2, 3, Up!



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It was a good summer, and we enjoyed having Adrian become part of our family.  The boys were sad to see him go back to New York, but we know we'll see him again!

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The show must go on

While we were walking around a local outdoor mall, the boys found a little stage area.  There was no choice but to put on a show!

First it was Isaac's turn at the front of the stage.  He told us important things, pretended to play a guitar, and sang a little song.

Then it was Noah's turn to entertain us with a song and dance of his own.

The end.  Show over.

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Noah's Tubing Adventure

After the guys wakeboarded, it was time for Noah and Matt to go tubing.

Noah really liked it, but he asked for the boat to slow down so the ride wouldn't be so bumpy.  A smooth ride was a lot more fun for him.

Great job, Noah!

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Jamie and Stephen love to take friends wakeboarding, so it was a great way for Adrian to try it for the first time.  He learned quickly and had some great rides!

Matt also had some great rides, and the boys liked watching him wakeboard behind the boat.

Then it was Stephen's turn and he wowed us with all sorts of jumps and tricks!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boat Fun

What is more fun than spending the day on a boat?  Nothing!

We were excited when our friends Jamie and Stephen invited us for a day of fun on their boat.  We went swimming, wakeboarding, tubing, ate lunch and had an all-around great time.

Isaac takes the wheel!  (The boat is anchored, but shhh! don't tell him!)

Noah soaks up the sun.

Then he falls sound asleep on the way back to the dock.  But, he's still holding on!

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Shadow Surprise

One early morning, Matt noticed that there were some interesting shadows on the open pantry door.

So, he took some silhouette pictures.



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Animal Prints

Noah and Isaac had a blast making footprints with paint.  

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Trolley Bus Adventure

After we rode the light rail train, we wanted to take another summer adventure.  So, we rode the Gold Rush trolley bus around uptown Charlotte.  Noah is a big fan of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, so he loved the idea of riding on a trolley bus.

Noah was explaining the bus route map to me when I took this picture.  Notice the raised eyebrow that pops up when he's explaining something important.

Isaac is having a great time, but struggling to stay awake.  He says, "Mommy, why do you keep taking me on such fun adventures in moving vehicles?  It makes me so sleepy and I don't want to miss anything."

When we arrived in uptown Charlotte, we ate lunch at Moe's, which is one of Noah and Isaac's favorite restaurants.  The line was very long and we had fun talking to the gentleman in front of us who was part of the Free Will Baptist convention that was taking place in Charlotte.  He surprised us by paying for our lunches and helping us find a table to sit at, which would have been a very difficult task in such a crowded restaurant.  He was such a blessing to our day!

Summer adventures are fun. 

And exhausting.

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Light Rail Adventure

One of our summer adventures was to ride the light rail train into uptown Charlotte and go to the Imaginon Children's Library. We met up with our friend Jamie and her kids Addie and CJ, and we headed uptown. The kids loved the train! It was as much fun as a trip to Disney World! We all explored the library and checked out some new books, then headed to Brixx for lunch.

 It was a full, fun morning. Noah had a great time with Addie and CJ, and I love the group picture of the kids where Isaac is trying so very very hard to stay awake so he didn't miss a moment of the adventure. This was a fun way to explore Charlotte in a whole new way. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Messy Curls

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Goin' for a bike ride

Noah and Isaac went on a bike ride at Freedom Park, and it was the perfect place to pedal.  Noah is interested in riding his new bike, but our driveway and street are on a slight hill, and that adds an element of danger that he's not fond of.  But, Freedom Park is nice and flat with smooth sidewalks.  Perfect!

Noah pedaled to his heart's content and gained a lot of confidence on his bike.

Isaac is doing a great job on his trike, but still needs constant pushing to keep him in motion.

Go, Noah, Go!

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Caught ya!

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