Saturday, July 31, 2010

Isaac is Nine Months Old!

Our little boy's personality is shining through! His smile can light up a room and his giggle is infectious. He has made large developmental strides this month. He can pull up to standing and he can crawl fast to where he wants to go. He also has figured out how to go from crawling to sitting. He loves following his mommy all over the house. His little hands can manipulate puffs and toys very well. The big news from the last two days is that Isaac's bottom two teeth are finally coming in - at the same time! If you look carefully at the above picture, you can see the two bumps and just a little bit of white coming through. Today was humid and rainy, so it was a very curly day for Isaac. We love you, Isaac!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boy Band

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Standing Tall

Look at our little man! He started off the day yesterday by pulling up to standing in his crib, and he has been trying to pull up to standing on everything around the house. He has found the our kitchen chairs work quite nicely - all the rungs are in just the right places! When I took this picture, I had been in the kitchen for a few minutes and I looked around and couldn't find Isaac anywhere. I looked under the table and saw his legs - standing up! He was so happy with himself, he stood there and said "ba ba ba ba ba..."
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Noah has turned into a They Might Be Giants fan! This makes Daddy very happy because he's been a fan for as long as I've known him (and that's a long time! :-) They have a couple of albums out that are for kids (ABCs, 123s, and a new one about science). Noah's current favorite songs are D is for Drums, E Eats Everything, and Seven.
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Out Came the Sun!

I am so excited about this picture! Isaac is doing the hand motion for "out came the sun" from the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Whenever Isaac does it, Noah and I sing the song and Isaac just smiles and smiles. We consider it to be Isaac's first sign (it was Noah's first sign too!). He's been doing it for a few weeks now but it's been so hard to get a picture of it because he usually does it while I'm feeding him in his highchair and I can't get to the camera in time!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Kiss for Cruz!

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Artiste in Residence

When Noah gets painting lately, he's not just an artist. He's an artiste! He refuses any help, so I just stand back and silently cringe as he pours the paints himself and sets up everything at his easel. Really, I don't have anything to cringe about. It's inevitable that the paint gets on the white walls or wood floors, but it's washable and comes right off. What in the world did Mommys do before washable paint?
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boys of Summer

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When Toddlers Dress Themselves

Noah picked out this entire outfit all by himself. I'm pretty impressed that the orange in the shirt matches the UT t-shirt. It's the other accessories that make the outfit, though: daddy's dress socks and daddy's goggles.
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Isaac's hair is so curly, especially on these hot and humid days.  Most of his curls are on top of his head, but he has a few curly locks around his ears too.  I love these baby curls so much!  Noah's hair had some curl to it too, but not this much.  As soon as we started cutting Noah's hair around his first birthday, his curls never came back.  I don't know if it will be the same for Isaac, but we're enjoying these curly days while they're here.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Daddy is a Triathlete!

Matt completed his first sprint triathlon today! We are so proud of him, and it was really fun to go and cheer him on. Noah and Isaac had little bells to ring and Noah shouted "Go Daddy go!" all morning long. Here's some more pictures. Congratulations, Matt! We love you!
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Crawl to Me!

This gem was from about five weeks ago when Isaac was just starting to crawl.  
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Future Worship Leader

I love having a future worship leader in the house.  At any given moment, I can hear "Good morning!  Welcome to Journey! Come on, put your hands together!"  
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puzzle Man

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Eating Puffs

Isaac officially started eating Puffs today! He's been playing with them on his tray for weeks now (we break them up into little pieces), but he has never been able to pick one up and get it to his mouth until today. Here's a bunch of Puffs pictures so you can eat along with Isaac.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Crawling Around

If Isaac is in the playroom and I step away for a moment, I know right where to find him when I get back...

He knows he's not supposed to put his hands in Emma's empty food and water bowls.  He crawls up close to it and gets a glimmer in his eye.  Then he looks around to see if I'm watching.  If I'm watching, he'll smile and do a mad dash for the bowls before I scoop him up to wash his hands.  If I have stepped out of the room, he'll crawl close to the bowls and wait for me to say "No, Isaac" before he makes the mad dash.  It's very interesting to see these little insights into his personality!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect Summer Day

We had the perfect summer day yesterday. Here's what we did:

* Wake up, eat breakfast and play
* Watch SuperWhy while Isaac takes his morning nap
* Go to the pool and swim from 10:30-1:00, taking a break for lunch. Noah easily swam the length of the pool countless times and learned how to use the ladder to get out. He also learned to jump into the pool and go completely under water.  Isaac also loved sitting on the side of the pool and "jumping" in.  He has a strong kicking reflex and he loves "swimming" on his belly.
* Home for afternoon naps
* Get pizza and garlic knots from Brooklyn South
* Bring pizza to the pool. Eat and wait for Daddy to join us
* Go swimming with Daddy until the pool closes at 8pm. Noah had fun showing Daddy all his new "tricks."  Mommy and Isaac splashed on the side of the pool.
* Home for bed

The perfect summer day! There weren't even any dishes to clean up in the kitchen!
Here's some more pool pictures.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Muffins for Daddy

Noah still loves making muffins for Daddy every week.  We make whole wheat muffins with yogurt instead of oil, and we add strawberries or blueberries (Noah's choice).  We've made the recipe so many times that Noah can tell me all the ingredients we need and I put them on the counter, and he can do all the measuring by himself.  He absolutely loves working in the kitchen.

Matt and Noah make pancakes every Saturday morning, and this last Saturday, Matt unloaded the dishwasher while Noah measured all the ingredients himself without a word of help from Matt.  Isn't that cool?  I don't think I can do that for any recipes!

Noah gets really excited when a new issue of Everyday Food comes to our house.

Yesterday we made a quick trip to the grocery store.  When we got home, I needed to feed Isaac and I sat and watched Noah put away all our groceries in the right places - refrigerator or pantry.  He even wadded up the grocery bags and put them in our baggie holder.  I never said a word and certainly wouldn't ask our 3-year-old to put away our groceries.

If I had to make a prediction, I'd guess that Noah is going to be a chef when he grows up, and for his "side job" he'll also be a worship leader at a church.  Matt says that he would support Noah becoming a chef only if he gets his MBA first and learns how to run a business.  That sounds like a plan.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Picture Perfect

Ooohh!  This is my new favorite picture!  This was taken at Jetton playground after we ate a picnic lunch.  Don't you just love it?
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