Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello Everybody!

The weather has finally started to cool down around here, so we're enjoying our time outside in the backyard, at the park and on long walks. Noah is getting increasingly mobile. Thanks to this great book by Penelope Leach (and thanks to Cindi for getting it for us!), we finally have a word to describe what he's doing - it's called seesawing: he moves head-down-bottom-up and then bottom-down-head-up. He can move 5 or 6 feet across the floor when he's motivated by a toy or the chance to get closer to Emma.

Noah went to his first storytime at the local library this week. Can you believe that they have a special storytime for babies age 3 months to a year? It's about 15 minutes of songs, rhymes and music. Noah really liked it, and he loved looking around at all the other babies. After storytime, there was about 15 more minutes of play time, where the babies played with toys and the moms talked about baby clothes (that's not all new moms talk about, is it?) We had fun and we're looking forward to going back next week. Here's our pictures of the week.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Noah's Trip to Visit Grandma Marilyn

We went on a car trip to Atlanta to visit Grandma Marilyn over Labor Day weekend. It was Noah's first car trip, and he did a great job! The only time Noah got fussy was when traffic was bad and we had to stop for an accident. Otherwise, he has a great time riding in the car - he looks out the window and quickly falls asleep (a great trait that he inherited from Laura). This time, he had some additional entertainment in the back seat with him - his dog Emma. Noah enjoyed his first weekend away from home and had lots of fun time being held and fed by Grandma Marilyn. He is continuing to get more mobile - he has started to do some pre-crawling where he pushes himself forward on his elbows, brings his knees up to his chest then puts his head down and pushes himself forward on his forehead. It's crazy to watch, but he can really move!

Noah had his four month check-up today and he's doing great. He weighs 16 lb. 3 oz. and is 26 inches long. He had his shots and is currently napping. Here's some pictures to enjoy!
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