Saturday, May 26, 2012

Playset of Love

The boys now have their very own playset in the backyard.  It is still amazing to me that the pool is gone and we can play in our own backyard.  

I call it the "Playset of Love" because Daddy worked so very very hard to build it for the boys:
Noah helped pound in one of the first screws

Isaac helped pound too

Then the boys decided it was time for a snack break.  

The playset starts to take shape

the ladder provides endless fun

The floor of the playset is ready and the boys test it out

the bridge is constructed

The boys eat pizza and watch Daddy work

Whee!  The slide is ready!  Isaac tests it out

Noah tests it out

The bridge is looking good

The swing bar goes up

The boys test out the swings

Noah tests out the monkey bar

Daddy tests out the monkey bar

There it is - our playset of love.  It was quite the construction project and quite an achievement for Matt!
The boys love it - what's not to love about having a playground in your own backyard?