Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We are three days away from a new family adventure - moving from Cornelius to Charlotte, NC. It's a move of 27 miles that promises to give us about 10 more hours of family time each week by cutting Matt's work commute to five minutes. 10 hours is a lot of extra family time and we are all really excited about how it will change the flow of our week.

Our new house is a work in progress. It has a lot of things that need improvement, but it will be a great place to live while we fix it up. Noah's favorite part of the house is the laundry chute. Isaac's favorite part is the window seat in his room. They are so excited about the move, and they have had a few fun days exploring everything. Here's some pictures, and I'll keep you updated during our move.
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Oh Polenta!

Isaac has discovered polenta! Matt added some tomato sauce to it, and it was oh so good!

It's the perfect texture for a toddler.
Isaac enjoyed eating it, then he had so much fun using it as a leave-in conditioner for his hair

and making a smush, smush, smush sound when he opened and closed his fist.

Polenta is a toddler's tactile dream come true!
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Band Practice

There is band practice everyday at our house. Isaac likes to join in, but sometimes it takes a while to figure out where he fits into Noah's plan for the band that day. One day, Isaac was very lucky and got to try out Noah's new guitar.

Noah on the drum machine. He's developed a surprisingly good rhythm, and he plays different beats for the refrains and verses of songs. His drumming skills have turned the corner from noise to rhythms that are interesting to listen to!

Isaac on the drum machine while Noah plays the djembe. Be advised to not get anywhere near Isaac while he's using those adult-size drumsticks to play the drum machine. It's dangerous. Isaac has never hurt himself, amazingly. He's showing some pretty good drumming skills too.

Noah joins in on the acoustic guitar while Isaac continues drumming.

They can make some interesting music together!
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A New Year's Eve Walk

The weather was beautiful on New Year's Eve, so we decided to end 2010 with a walk around the neighborhood.

And a nap in the stroller. It's a little hard to tell, but both boys are littered with Cheese-Its. They have it so good. They can eat Cheese-Its to their hearts' content while being pushed around in a stroller, then fall asleep while still covered by their snack crackers. Ahh....
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