Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun with the Lanigan Family

Our friends Cindi and Ed, along with their four boys Adrian, Ryan, Jonah and Trevor, drove down from New York to see Noah over the Memorial Day weekend. Noah had a great time with them - there was Cindi's tireless holding and rocking and "getting the gas out," lots of new faces to look at, lots of new voices to listen to, and new adventures. Ed, Matt, and the boys went tubing on Lake Norman and had a great time. They took the camera along and took LOTS of pictures - here are some highlights of their tubing adventure. We also went on a drive-thru safari at Lazy 5 Ranch. The Lanigans had fun feeding the animals, but we drove through in our own car with the windows rolled up - we didn't want llama spit on Noah at such a young age!! Noah slept through this first safari, but we know he must have been having very interesting dreams. There was also the ongoing competition of ultimate badminton in our backyard - the Lanigan boys are quite the athletes! It was a great weekend and we were sad to see them go back to New York. Noah instantly noticed how quiet our house was - he seems to prefer lots of noises and voices to listen to! Here are more pictures from the weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Noah is Three Weeks Old!

At three weeks, Noah's personality is really developing. He is becoming very attentive to our voices, and he is starting to respond to our faces. He can reach much higher decibels when he cries and he has also developed a whole new set of squeaking and grunting noises. When he does tummy time he makes a series of noises that sounds like a feral cat! Here's some additional pics from the last few days.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh boy! We have taken quite a few pics in the last few days.
We we were sad to see the Baubuy invasion end. Time flew by and we all had fun taking Noah for walks, eating meals and holding Noah.

The days seem to go by fast and he is growing even faster.Time to get into bed.
It's a craps shoot if we sleep, but hey, that is the fun isn't it?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Noah had a big day yesterday! He was enjoying some tummy time with Laura while Matt and Grandma Marilyn went to the grocery store. All of a sudden, Noah started to fuss, held his head up, and rolled over from his tummy to his back! Laura couldn't believe it, and being a parent who needs to document everything, she ran for the video camera in case it happened again. She put him onto his tummy again and within a minute or so, he had rolled over again - this time it was caught on tape. When Matt and Grandma Marilyn came back from the store, we figured we were pushing our luck, but we put him back on his tummy, and sure enough, he rolled over for the third time in a row! Wow! Quite the accomplishment for a 17-day-old! Right now, Noah is doing some more tummy time, but he's quite exhausted from his achievements yesterday, so he's been sleeping on his blanket right next to us for the last two hours. Zzzz.....

Monday, May 14, 2007

the bauby invasion

Well Bauby has arrived and has held her grandson for the first time. See the pics here.

Just the Three of Us

We were sad to say good-bye to Grammy and Granddad Christiansen on Thursday morning. We had a great time with them here, and it was so fun to watch them get to know Noah during his first days at home. On Thursday, we embarked on four days on our own. At first, we weren't sure how we were going to remember to feed ourselves or get anything accomplished (however small) around the house. It turns out that we're a pretty good team, and we've learned a lot in the last few days. Noah's feeding schedule has become fairly predictable - he's eating every 2 t0 3 hours during the day and every 2 to 4 hours at night. If we pay attention to the clock, we can anticipate his feeding needs and not be caught off guard. Noah is still a quiet, contented baby who loves to be held during the day. We have also learned that he has a gassy and fussy time every night sometime between 10pm and 2am (sometimes for an hour during that window and sometimes it lasts for 4 hours - it just depends), so we can predict that's going to be a difficult time. We have learned that we can handle it much better if we've managed to get a short nap before hand. Otherwise, our brains turn to mush and we try to comfort him as we nod off and he is wide awake, screaming!

We've had fun taking Noah out in the last few days. The weather is perfect in the evenings, so we've been going for little walks around the neighborhood. It's like we're the baby parade because all our neighbors stop and get their "baby fix" as we go by. It's fun! We went to a gathering at Jan and Tony's house, and Noah was as happy as a little snugbug in his sling. Laura has been putting Noah in the sling for a little time each day, and he seems to be so cozy in it! We also attend the Parent-Child Dedication at our church on Sunday, and along with 11 other parents, we dedicated Noah and promised to raise him in a way that is pleasing to God. It was a great experience. Here are pictures from the last few days.

Grandma Marilyn is coming to visit Noah this week, and it promises to be another week full of new adventures and experiences.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Element of Suprise

Laura and I were told by many of the baby books and infant care classes that that once Noah was born, both Laura and I would have chemicals released in our bodies, that would create a euphoric love for our child. Weather it's the chemicals or just a natural feeling, it is amazing how much we love our little Noah. Laura and I can't stop commenting on how much we love everything he does--EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter if he is sweetly cooing at us while we hold him or peeing all over our walls, because someone (well, actually both of us -- not just once) forgot to put the diaper in the "strategic" location. It is the most wonderful feeling to look into his sweet eyes and admire everything he does no matter how small or big.

The past few days have been relatively busy, but not in the rushed sense. We have taken our time to enjoy our time with Noah. Diaper changing, feeding and the daily activities of caring for him have been a nice experience. Don't get me wrong -- it isn't without it's moments, however we enjoy the activities of parenthood.
In the past few days, our friends Ron and Kristen dropped by. They brought their son JT and daughter Ali by to visit Noah.

Grammy and Grandad Christiansen brought a bassinet from Laura's Great Aunt Eunice's house. They worked hard to varnish the wood and put new bedding inside. We put Noah in the crib he officially initiated it within moments of being put inside.

Tummy time has been a neat to see how he can now lift his head and move independently.

Normally, before Noah, Emma our yellow lab would have been the focus of our affection and attention, and up until now, we haven't mentioned her. She is getting over her initial apprehension of Noah and starting to get closer and beginning to see if he is around and he's up to.

Growing up in Bethesda, Laura had a neighbor Janie Harmon who Laura's family keeps in touch with, sent a nice gift of a teddy bear (which is a gift that Laura has wanted for Noah for awhile). We took pic's of Noah with the teddy which is just as big as he is! Check out the pics from these days!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 6 was another fun day with Noah

Yesterday was a fun filled day with Noah. We spent the day going from appointment to appointment. First we visited the Lactation specialist. The specialist noted that Noah is a excellent eater and has gained 5 oz.! So, Noah received his first perfect evaluation after being discharged from the hospital. After, Laura went and shopped for new clothes for Noah. She wanted to find socks that didn't slip off his little feet.
Next we went to our General Family Doctor for a 48 hour follow up where Noah received a perfect evaluation from Dr. Wolff. Here are a few shots of Noah's day.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Look Mommy, I have feet!

Well today was another adventure in parenting. Laura and I had the some of the best laughs and fun as a married couple today. Noah is turning our world upside down and we love it!
We all slept last night for six hours (not continuously)! It was a heavenly experience. Noah spent his first night in his bassinet. Today started out with a feeding at 2:55 am and progressed nicely from there. Grammy and Grandad Christiansen have been working hard around the house, helping out with chores. They put balloons on the front porch to decorate for Noah's arrival. Later in the day Laura and Noah had their first tummy time. After tummy time Noah needed to be changed and during the process found out out that he has feet. With a clean diaper and a full tummy, we ventured out on our first walk. The temperature was perfect, not too hot, not too cold (rare in Charlotte). We walked to the end of the street, and back -- little steps at a time.
We hung out on the porch and enjoyed the rocking chairs. A little later Dean and Joy brought over Austin and a supper for our family. Dean got to meet Noah for the first time, and Noah's new friend Austin came for a visit. They were posed in the pack and play for their first meeting. We all ate dinner and it was delicious, thank you Joy and Dean! Wheeeeew. What a great day!

Well as I type this we are preparing for our day tomorrow, and completing the last feed for the day. See the pics from today's activities here.

Until tomorrow!

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

At Laura's shower there were predictions for when Noah would arrive. Laura just checked and both Grandmother's won the predictions! What they win I am not sure, but they can check with Laura to reieve their prize.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Noah's Homecoming

Noah's first day at home was absolutely great! His first car ride was quite the experience. Amy the nurse at the hospital helped to strap Noah into his new car seat. Once tethered in, he decided that if he can't reach his arms, he is going cry-- uncontrollably. Once we all arrived home, slept for most of the day between feedings and enjoyed napping in Mommy and Daddy's arms. Today's visitor included Jack, Jan and Tony Walker, our friends from next door! Jack got to meet his new buddy Noah.

Our second day at home was fun filled as well. Taylor, our new dog sitter and next door neighbor visited Noah and held him. Grammy and Granddad Christiansen visited from Michigan and met Noah for the first time. Laura and Matt gave Noah his first sponge bath. As I type this, he is still recovering from the excitement!

What exciting days! See all of fun photo's here!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Ahhh...the life of a newborn

We had a fun day yesterday and a good night. It was a busy day of visits from Doctors, lots and lots of feedings and diaper changing. Early this morning Noah was circumcised and he is doing well after.
Noah enjoys being held and bounced, so we have been taking turns walking around the room and bouncing him. We have learned so much from the nursing staff at the hospital, they have been wonderful in helping us learn how to care for Noah.
Our friends Kim and Steve had a print made from a picture we took right after his birth, everyone has commented on what a nice gift it is! We have a uploaded a few photos to see a little more detail of Noah and our activities.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Glorious Morning

What an amazing evening and morning! Last evening our friends Joy, Austin, Kim and Steve visited. They met Noah and spent time getting to know him. It was neat to see Noah's new friend Austin side by side, as he is eight weeks older than Noah. See the pic's here.
We ate dinner here at the hospital -- room service (very romantic). Later Laura fed Noah and we had fun changing our first really, really messy poopy diaper (yes, Matt helped).

Later that evening, Noah was weighed. They had to strip him down to his freshly minted birthday suite which he really didn't appreciate. He has lost four ounces so, he is now 7 pounds and 8 ounces. This is a normal change in infants, as they will loose weight in the first few days of life, only to gain it back in their mid forties.
After being weighed Noah was up and wanted to party. He was hungry, tired, not hungry and fussy all at the same time. Many emotions for a little guy. Laura and I were pretty tired (Laura more so than me for obvious reasons) as by 1am we had been up for over 30 hours, but Laura's mommy skills kicked into high gear and she rocked him until he was comfortable. Matt took over for awhile and then he was ready to sleep by 2:30. He slept his first night until almost 6am! After his early morning breakfast, we all took a 40 min nap and everyone ate breakfast together around 7am.
Laura was able to take a shower this morning ( Matt did too) and she felt much better. She says a shower never felt better.
Today Dr. Capp's visited Noah again, and said that he was in good health.
It's great to see everyone and share this joyous experience. More pics to follow this afternoon/evening.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Family Photos

Jan and our Nurse Michelle took pics of our family this afternoon.

Jan Visits Noah

Our friend Jan meets Noah for the first time.

Noah and Mommy are sleeping....

After thier long journey, both mommy and Noah are sleeping. Here are the pics.

Welcome Noah Lawson

Noah's birthday pic's.
He was born at 8:37 am. He is 21" long and weighs 7 pounds 12 ounces.
We feel very blessed and thankful for our little guy!

The nurse checks in...

Around 6 am Laura's nurse checked in on her and things are still "progressing." The nurse says that she will let Laura "labor" for a little while longer.

3:24am Doctor just stopped by

Dr. Sharawy just checked Laura and says that baby boy is progressing well. He said that we should try and sleep for a couple of hours before delivery. But it's so hard to sleep when we are so excited!!

We're at the Hospital!

We arrived at the hospital at 1am and we shocked to find out that Laura is 6-7 cm dilated. Earlier in the evening, we took a long walk around the neighborhood and she started having strong contractions. Once home her contractions intensified. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, she received her epidural and is now resting comfortably. At last measure, she is 8-9cm and the Doctor is on his way.