Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Noah!

Happy Birthday Noah!

In the last year, you have had so many varied interests that it's hard to keep track of them:

* learning the United States and capitals
* doing a cross-over rhythm on the drums and cymbals
* learning continents and most of the countries within the continents
* Space Shuttles and their missions
* learning how to read
* license plates and flags
* fascination with the mail system
* finding out that you love running
* working on countless projects with Daddy
* getting your own email account and sending countless emails every day
* Saturn V rockets and the Apollo missions
* learning how to swim without a floatie
* water purification and sewer systems
* becoming good friends with kids at preschool
* reading the newspaper

Above all, you are a wonderful brother to Isaac (just today you patiently taught him how to count down before a rocket launches), and son.  

Happy birthday to you!

It's so fun to celebrate birthdays!  For us, we also get to celebrate that five years ago today, God answered our prayers and blessed us with a baby to raise and teach all about God and his love for us.

We love you, Noah!