Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grumpy Boy

Noah has been getting up w-a-y too early for a while now - he's usually up by 5:30am - hungry and ready to start the day. He would really like to go back to his one-year-old schedule when he used to take morning naps, but I won't let that happen! So, this is what Noah looks like by lunchtime. Grumpy and tired! We're trying to tweak his sleeping schedule in the hopes that he'll sleep in longer, but nothing has worked so far. The hard part is that he wakes up so hungry! It all must be related to a growth spurt. We'll really savor the day when he starts sleeping in again (if that ever comes!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Have Sprouts!

We are all so excited that our seeds are sprouting! Noah races to the garden every day to see what is new. Here's some more garden pictures.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baubie's Visit

We have had such a fun time with Baubie and Mitzi. Noah can say, "Baubie" and he howls instead of saying Mitzi's name. It's so funny! We went to the Biltmore Estate on Saturday and enjoyed a tour and the beautiful scenery. Noah wore Matt's audio guide in almost every room, and when the narration stopped, he would give the headset back to Matt. We also celebrated Noah's birthday a little early. Noah loves his new firetruck from Baubie! Here's our pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hi Ho Cherry-o

Noah loves Hi Ho Cherry-o! We play a modified 2-year-old version of the game that mostly involves sorting the cherries by color. Sometimes Noah is in the mood to be orderly, and we each choose a color and put the cherries on the trees. Other times, he's in the mood to make a mess so he mixes all the colors together and eventually they get sorted back into the box. The game is also a great way to work on fine motor control!

Planning Noah's Garden

Matt and Noah have the garden all planned out. It's a square foot garden, and it's in a raised container that's 8 feet by 2 feet. That means that there's 16 squares for our favorite vegetables! They are going to plant all sorts of tomatoes (including Mr. Stripey, cherry, and tomatillos), green peppers, green and yellow squash, peas, okra, sunflowers, pumpkins, cucumbers, hot peppers, rosemary and basil. Most of the veggies will be started from seed, but we also bought a few plants from Lowe's. Noah has loved every minute of creating his garden! Here's the pictures.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter Celebration

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend! Ed and Cindi, along with their boys Adrian, Ryan, Jonah and Trevor had been in Florida for a wedding and were on their way back to New York, so that put them right at our house in time for Easter! We all went to church together, then came home and ate a delicious Easter lunch. This was our first time hosting a large gathering on a holiday, and we had so much fun. We had a full turkey and a large ham, along with all the sides, so there was lots of food! We were also joined by our friends Chris and Susan (Matt's co-worker).

After lunch, Noah, Trevor and Jonah had an Easter egg hunt. The eggs were hidden by Adrian and Ryan, and it was so fun to watch the boys search for eggs! Noah also had fun playing with bubbles and riding the quad that Cindi brought all the way from New York! After dessert, we all debated the pros and cons of where Adrian should go to college next year. Here's all our Easter pictures.

Book Nook

Noah has outgrown his rocking chair. We used to sit in the chair and read books together before naps and bedtime, but he decided he didn't want to sit on our lap anymore. He loves to cuddle and read, so Matt created this book nook in the corner. It's very cozy! It has a bunch of pillows and lots of stuffed animals. We snuggle in together and have a great time reading books before Noah goes to sleep. We often catch him snuggled up with a good book all by himself!
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