Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Isaac!

We had so much fun celebrating Isaac's fourth birthday!
The celebration started with a birthday party on Saturday.  Isaac invited his friends from his playgroup.  It was the perfect combination of kids!

Waiting for friends to arrive

Birthday party lunch

Making wind catchers

Birthday party cupcakes

Isaac hid under the table while we sung "Happy Birthday"

Birthday party kiddos

Then, on Tuesday, Isaac celebrated his birthday with his preschool class.  His class also had a costume parade on the same day!

Isaac's last day of being three years old

Isaac woke up early on is birthday to open presents.  It was an avalanche of construction vehicles!

Before trick or treating, we sang "Happy Birthday" again and surprised Isaac with his construction cake

Police Officer Noah, Bob the Builder, and Ryan the Astronaut set off to trick or treat

Isaac has perfected the art of getting extra candy on Halloween.
This year he went to each house and said "I'm Bob!  I'm four!"  Then he would be given extra candy while he told people that today's his birthday.  It was too cute.
Happy Birthday to Isaac!
You make us laugh everyday with your stories and vivid imagination.
You are going to change the world with your unique perspective.
You are our wonderful gift from God!
Now you are four!