Sunday, April 20, 2008

Walking Practice

In the last two weeks Noah has begun letting us hold his hands while he walks, and it is so much fun! He can stand on his own for about 30 seconds, but he prefers to walk. He likes walking around the house, but he loves walking outside on the sidewalk. He really gets excited when a big truck drives by and honks it's horn at him, or when people slow down their car to watch him walk.
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Let's Swing!

Two of Noah's favorite things are swinging and playing in the dirt. One wonderful day this week, we went to the park and he got to do both of his favorite things in one outing. The life of an 11-month old can be so wonderfully simple sometimes!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Allergy Season

Well, it looks like Noah has inherited Matt's allergies. He has all the symptoms: clear runny nose, sneezing, red-rimmed eyes, congestion, a general miserable feeling. Noah loves being outside, and although he definitely has allergies, it's not bad enough to keep him inside. These pictures were taken when Noah took a break from walking up and down the sidewalk outside our house. He sat for a while and played with wood chips and dirt and watched the cars drive by. He had fun, but he looks so miserable! Poor guy.
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Noah is eating a lot of table food these days, but when he does eat something that requires a spoon, he has decided that he can feed himself - all by himself. I'm guessing he would eat only oatmeal, soups and baby foods for weeks if that meant he could use a spoon at every meal! I love watching him figure out how to get the food into his mouth, but mealtimes take so long! Noah is in the middle of a huge growth spurt, and a meal can easily last 45 minutes. Add the spoon into the equation, and mealtimes become at least an hour long! Now that's a marathon eating session.
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Going Up, Up, Up!

Two days ago, Noah suddenly started crawling up stairs! He made it look easy, like he's been doing it for months. Suddenly, the world is so much more exciting! Here's a few more stair pictures.
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Do You Like My Curls?

Noah woke up from his nap with a head full of curls! I just had to take some pictures! Here's some more.
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Just Walkin' Around

Noah loves walking! But, he almost always refuses to accept any help from us. So, he ends up pushing a kitchen chair around the house. It's very cute, and he squeals with delight as he pushes the chair. He needs a lot of help steering the chair so we follow him around and help him get out of corners and dead ends. Here's a few more pictures.
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Fun With Friends

Noah thought it was a lot of fun when his friends cam over to play at his house! Mila and Eli (sitting on the love seat) had so much fun with the refrigerator magnets and discovering Noah's toys. Cooper had fun riding the rocking horse, and so did his sister Maddi. Morgan scooted all around the room, and hmm.. I think she's drinking out of Eli's sippy cup in this picture... There were so many kids that it was hard to keep track of everything! Here's a few more pictures of our morning together.
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Bath Time

No matter how tired he is at the end of the night, Noah always loves taking a bath. When we go upstairs to get ready for bath time, Noah usually starts playing with a toy or exploring around the upstairs. But, as soon as he hears the bath water start to run, he crawls to the bathroom and stands up at the side of the tub to wath the water run in the tub. At this point, he also likes to take all the foam letters off the side of the tub and drop them on the bathroom floor, saying "uh oh" as each one drops. The foam letters are by far his favorite bath toys, as evidenced by all the little teeth marks in each letter. His second favorite bath toys are plastic cups - he likes to put the letters in the cups and pour them out again. Noah also likes to have his own washcloth so he can help wash his own face and hair. He does like to splash in the tub, but prefers a calm and relaxing bath.
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