Monday, May 14, 2012

Seeing the Sights

On our second day in Washington, DC, we were excited to see Dave, Travis, Connor and Jacob arrive form Phoenix.  The red-eye flight and time change was rough for them, and Jacob had a fever, so unfortunately we didn't see to much of them during the trip.  But, Travis did join us for breakfast and he and Noah had a blast playing together.

Travis was amazed by Noah's magic tricks 

After breakfast, we took a double-decker bus sightseeing tour around the city. 

The boys had fun trying to spot our bus as we waited at a bus stop

The bus was a great way to see the highlights of the city without having to do endless walking

Isaac and the Washington Monument

Matt and the boys in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Laura and the boys

Abraham Lincoln is SO big!

It was a beautiful day for sightseeing!

The White House

The boys loved President Obama's front lawn.  It was a great place to run and play!