Monday, August 29, 2011

Sorting Crayons

Best-Buy Crayons
Noah was looking through a teacher catalog that came in the mail and was fascinated by this picture of a huge box of crayons.  It was so interesting to him!  He looked through the whole catalog and decided he needed to set up a "baby school" for Isaac in our playroom.

So, we created all sorts of activity areas: blocks, music, trucks, trains, kitchen, and coloring.  Noah insisted that in order to have a school, we had to have a large box of crayons sorted by color, just like in the teacher catalog.  I tried to convince him that even if a school starts out with a box of crayons like that, they never stay sorted for long.

Isaac loved his "baby school" and Noah loved playing teacher and helping Isaac decide what activities he should do next.  Noah even did circle time and we sang songs like "Ring around the rosy" and "Mulberry Bush."

There was only one thing wrong with the school:  the crayons.  Noah really wanted it to be just like in the catalog.  Days went by.  Noah talked about the crayon box at dinner and at bedtime.  It was a big deal to him.

So, Matt did what every good Daddy does, and he created a box for sorting crayons.  Noah was over the moon happy.  So happy.  So very happy.

And, as soon as we used the crayons in our "baby school" they got all messed up and they have never been re-sorted since.  It doesn't matter.  Noah just wanted to set up the school perfectly for his student.

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