Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carolinas Aviation Museum

We had a fun morning at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.  I had heard it's a pretty kid-friendly museum, and I wanted to take the boys before the museum closed for the summer of the summer to accommodate the "Miracle on the Hudson" US Airways plane.

But, we'll always remember it as the "Button Museum."

The boys had so much fun sitting in the cockpits...

pushing all the buttons...

Where do I start?  There's so MANY buttons to push!  Let's get to work!

Inside the Top Gun fighter plane.  Buttons galore.

Buttons here
buttons there
there are buttons everywhere!

Really, it's exhausting work.  It's hard to push all the buttons.  The boys were exhausted by the time we left.  It was as if they ran a marathon.  A marathon of button pushing.
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