Monday, July 27, 2009

Ahh...The Boating Life

Ahh...we had the most wonderful weekend boating on Lake Norman. No, we don't have a boat, but we are lucky enough to have a great friend who lets us use his boat once in a while. Well, we used it twice in the last weekend! Noah loved everything about the boat - sitting in the front and getting wind and spray in his face, sitting in the back and watching the wake, "helping" Daddy drive, and waving to the other boats. After we anchored in a cove, we had fun feeding a friendly duck and watching Matt jump in and swim around the boat. The first day we went out, Matt helped Noah get in the lake, but he didn't want to stay for too long.

The second day was different because Noah couldn't get enough of the lake! Matt would tread water behind the boat and Noah would stand on the swim platform. Noah would count "1, 2, 3" then Matt would make Noah feel like he was jumping in the water by grabbing his life jacket, pulling him up and then splashing him into the lake. Noah loved it and screamed with delight each time! Then they would make their way over to the ladder and Noah could climb up the ladder and onto the swim platform all by himself. It was so fun to watch! Here's a few pictures.