Friday, July 18, 2014

Cub Scout Day Camp

Noah had quite an adventure going to Cub Scout Day Camp!  He was immersed in all things boy and he loved every minute of it.  Isaac got to go to the day camp also - he spent a few days with the Pixies (a day camp for non-scouting siblings) and a few days with Noah's den.  I was also immersed in all things boy because I was an assistant den leader for Noah's den.  To make the week even more exciting, we carpooled with Ryan, one of the boy's very best friends.  It was quite the extravaganza to start off the summer!

Noah, Isaac and Ryan share a group hug before climbing in the car for camp

Because I was with Noah's den all week, I was able to get a lot of pictures of the activities, like shooting BB guns

Listening to a Boy Scout talk about Scouting skills - how to pack a backpack for a hike

Identifying poison ivy, oak and sumac

Playing baseball

Catching a bass in Lake Norman

And another bass!

Cooling off with water gun games

My happy camper


Noah got a bullseye!

Crafts - making a journal

More fishing - Noah caught a giant catfish!!

Isaac kept up with the Cub Scouts for two entire days and never complained about it once.  The days we were at camp were scorching hot with a heat index of 100 degrees.  The day camp staff did a good job of keeping everyone hydrated, but the heat was extreme because most of our activities were outside.  

In this picture, Isaac is beet red from the heat on Lake Norman.  But, he was so happy!   Isaac went fishing too but didn't catch any fish.  That didn't matter to him, though.  We were using live minnows for bait so Isaac had a great time pretending that he caught "little fish."