Friday, July 11, 2014

Tiger Cub

Noah loved being a Cub Scout this year.  Noah was a part of the youngest den, which are Tigers.  He loved everything about being a Tiger Cub: the uniform, the handbook, the meetings, camping, earning belt loops and pins and in general having fun being a boy.

An entire year has gone by and I haven't blogged about Noah's Cub Scout adventure, so I went through our pictures to find some highlights:

Selling popcorn outside the Harris Teeter in the Fall.  He was a very successful salesman!  Many people bought from him simply because he was cute and polite!

On stage at a monthly pack meeting

Fall camping trip

Practicing using his sword and shield at the fall camping trip

Hanging out with other Tiger Cubs

Pinewood Derby Michigan race car

Yaya was even able to come to a pack meeting during their visit

The last pack meeting of the year

Raingutter Regatta

Noah provided the wind to sail his boat to victory

It was a great year and Noah is looking forward to being a Wolf next year.