Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rest Time

 Noah officially gave up napping about five months ago, but if we're out in the car or in the stroller in the afternoon, he'll occasionally still catch a little siesta.  Instead of nap time, we do "rest time," where he does activities alone in his room for at least 30 minutes.  He loves doing workbooks, so he'll spread out all his workbooks and various colored pencils, stickers, pens, printout, etc and make a work area for himself on the floor of his room.  Sometimes he turns his rest time bin upside down (like in the above picture) to use as a desk.  Before I leave him alone, we look at his clock and I tell him that he can come downstairs when the big hand reaches the ...  Once in a while, however, a long time goes by and I know he must have fallen asleep.  One day I was smart enough to bring my camera with me to catch what his room looks like during rest time.  I just love seeing Noah surrounded by all his favorite things.