Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anything for a laugh

Isaac has a great sense of humor and great comedic timing. The first hint of this was when he was about a year old he would make a joke while we were riding in the car. He would put his paci in his mouth backwards and just sit and wait until someone would notice and laugh. Once we noticed and were laughing, he would light up and laugh with us. Noah always laughed the hardest.

Lately, at mealtimes he'll do something funny while sitting in his highchair. Something like put his bowl on his head or use the handle of his spoon to eat. He does it quietly and waits for us to notice, and as soon as we do, Noah still laughs the hardest. In this picture, Noah and Isaac were playing with toys when Noah looked up and noticed that Isaac had a lid in his mouth, just waiting. Noah screamed, "Look at Isaac!" and laughed, then chased him around the house.

As you can see, Noah is Isaac's biggest fan.