Monday, April 4, 2011

The making of a half bath

This was what the downstairs half bath looked like when we moved in.  The sink was functional but in need of updating.  The toilet needed to be replaced immediately.  We decided to redo the sink and toilet at the same time, then paint the room and the half bath would become our first renovated room in the house.

When Matt pulled the sink cabinet out, it damaged some of the drywall, so we decided to install beadboard instead of fixing the drywall.  Also, the area under the old sink vanity needed new hardwood flooring so that we could install a pedestal sink.

Yaya painted the beadboard and the walls.  Thanks Yaya!

Matt and Noah installed the new toilet.

Noah performed the ceremonial first flush.  It worked!

All the boys worked to assemble the pedestal sink.

It turned out to be harder than we thought to install a pedestal sink, but Matt and Yaya succeeded in getting it bolted to the wall and hooking up the plumbing.  Finally, we hung the mirror, and ta-da!  Noah performed the ceremonial first smile ;-)
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