Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pancake Restaurant

Noah still loves to make pancakes every Saturday morning.  Daddy gets out all the ingredients and Noah does all the measuring and mixing by himself.  

The batter has become easy for Noah to make, so Daddy decided that it's time for Noah to learn how to put the batter in the pan and then flip the pancakes (with close supervision, of course).

Noah was very excited about learning this new skill, and he decided to turn our kitchen into a pancake restaurant.

Checking the pancake to see if it's ready to flip.

Isaac, the first customer of the day, said that the pancakes were delicious.  He ordered a short stack.

Daddy helps flip the pancake as the student chef watches.

The chef and his customer.

It's great to have a pancake restaurant in our kitchen on Saturday mornings.  All I need to do is take pictures and eat pancakes!