Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Noah gets so excited about the mail everyday.  It's the highlight of his afternoon.  As soon as we finish lunch he says. "When is Miss Shirley going to be here?"  We have a mailbox right next to our front door now, so Miss Shirley parks the mail truck on the road and walks up to our house.  Noah loves to run to meet her and get our mail. 

Next, we sort our mail into two categories:  important and junk.  I get to keep the important letters after Noah carefully opens the envelopes, but the junk mail is his.  All his.  He opens every envelope and looks through the letters to see if anything interesting is inside.  His favorite finds are pretend credit cards, stickers, calendars, coupons (he cuts them out), and the occasional map or magnet.  He keeps all of it in his office and looks through it often.

Occasionally, Isaac will be allowed to look through some of the junk mail that Noah no longer wants.  Isaac doesn't mind.  He thinks it's just wonderful too.  Isaac pretends to read the mail out loud (see the second picture), and he says "row row row row" in a deep voice as he pretends to read.

Free entertainment, delivered to our front door six times a week.  Thanks, Miss Shirley!