Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tot School

We've been busy doing all sorts of learning activities around the house, and sometimes I even remember to take a picture! Whenever we're home for a long chunk of time, I try to make sure we do something for tot school, but I'm not always successful in that. When Noah is too busy playing his drums or running around with Emma and he's not interested, I don't push the activities at all. They're supposed to be fun!

I started out September with the intention of doing "letter of the week" activities. Noah has known his letters for quite a while now, but there are all sorts of fun extension activities we can do with each letter. Noah did have fun with A activities the first week, but when it came time for B activities the second week, he was not interested at all. I brought out the B's, paints, markers, all the things he had fun with the week before, and he looked at me as if to say, "B is for boring, Mommy"!! I put it all away and will try again in the future to see if there's any interest.

I thought it was maybe time for something more advanced, which is in the above picture. Noah matched up bottle cap letters with letters on the paper in order to spell his name and Emma's name. He thought that was fun, and it was a way to use letters in a new and more challenging way.

He's also been doing a lot of counting lately. I hear him counting toys when he's playing independently, and he's starting to learn how to recognize numbers. He can count to ten, but numbers 6 through 8 are usually a little fuzzy and mixed-up. Here's some tot school pictures from the last two months.