Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

Our nesting projects continue around the house, and this project involved some outside help from our contractor. Matt lost his home office space when we created Noah's new big boy room, so we decided that it's time to install french doors in the den. It's actually something we've been thinking of doing for years now, but it became a necessity just lately. Matt worked from home a few days ago and found it very difficult to conduct professional sounding phone conferences with Noah running in and out of the den, the dog barking, and Noah playing the drums. At one point, I found Matt sitting in the garage and covering his ears while trying to talk on the phone. That was when we knew it was time to have doors installed!

This project isn't finished, though. The doors still need two coats of primer and a coat of paint. The trim needs wood filler and re-painting, and the den paint needs to be touched up. Oh, and now our front hall really needs to be painted (it still has the builder's paint from when we moved in seven years ago) from all the dings that went along with installing the door.

We're not planning on tackling any of this before baby boy is born. It's going to be too time consuming for Matt to do on the weekends, and we want some time to enjoy life! The natural pine doors are already growing on us, and we can completely overlook all the paint issues. Gotta save something for later!