Monday, September 28, 2009

Noah's Weekend With Grammy and Grandad

Noah just had the best weekend with Grammy and Grandad! They came to town to spend time with Noah so that we could go to a marriage retreat. The retreat was wonderful and well-timed, and we learned about God's plan for marriage and had nice long blocks of time to sit and talk. We were away for one and a half days and two nights, and Noah did great with his grandparents. It was great timing because Grammy and Grandad will be back to visit us when baby boy arrives, and they will take care of Noah while we're in the hospital. This gave them a chance to get re-acquainted and have fun before baby boy joins our family.

Highlights of the weekend were when Noah showed off how he can ride a trike, going to Lake Norman and throwing sticks in the lake for fun, and playing lots and lots of songs on the drums for Grammy and Grandad to enjoy. Here's some more pictures of the weekend.