Saturday, August 8, 2009

Painting Noah's New Room

It's time to begin our projects and get ready for baby boy in October! Our biggest project is creating a "big boy" room for Noah. Our goal is to have the room completed and transition Noah into it by Labor Day weekend. That should give Noah plenty of time to get used to sleeping in a "big boy" bed before baby boy arrives.

Our first step was to decide on a paint color. We love Restoration Hardware paints, so we went to the store to browse the colors. Funny enough, we couldn't find a color that we liked better than Shore, which is the same blue that is in the nursery. So, we decided to paint Noah's new room the same color as the nursery! To us, it's the perfect blue for a boy's room. We also wanted to put picture molding about an inch below the ceiling, just like our master bedroom has, and just like we put in the nursery.

The next thing to do was clean out the room. For seven years, the room has been our junk room/scrapbooking room/office, depending on our level of organization. Since we don't have a basement, that room is where we put everything and close the door. Cleaning out the room created a big mess and the urge to purge! I am listing a lot of my scrapbooking supplies on ebay, and we have lots of donations for Goodwill. Once the room was finally empty, it was time to begin.

Noah was a really good painting helper for about a half hour. He was really excited about painting the walls blue. Then, things started getting messy and it was time for us to go and let Matt be productive on his own. Later in the day, Noah was the DJ and pushed all the buttons on the radio to give Daddy good music to listen to as he worked. He was also good at listening to Matt's instructions and retrieving various tools. Here's the pics!