Monday, August 31, 2009

Muffins for Daddy

Last week, Noah overheard Matt say that we were out of muffins for breakfast. The next day, Noah insisted that Daddy's muffins were empty and that we needed to make him more muffins. That's quite fitting because he has become quite the sous chef! He specializes in making pancakes with Daddy on Saturdays and muffins with Mommy on Mondays. We have come across a great whole wheat strawberry (or blueberry) muffin recipe that Matt loves, and he eats them for breakfast every day on his way to work. Noah helps with every step of the process: getting out the the ingredients, measuring cups and spoons, helping measure each ingredient, and stirring. The coolest part about making muffins is that after I fill up the big spoon, Noah puts batter in each cup in the muffin tin.