Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doesn't Everyone Wash Their Mailbox?

Our mailbox has been through a lot over the years. A few years ago, it was hit by a car and the mailbox was torn off the pole in our front yard. Matt repaired it and it was like new again. Then, earlier this spring, a biker hit it and almost ripped it off the pole again! You'd think we lived at a dangerous curve in the road, but there is nothing remarkable about where our mailbox is.

We didn't fix it right away, and it got wobblier and wobblier, to the point where we were sure it was going to fall off again someday when the mailman opened it. So, we embarked on fixing it again, which involves disassembling the whole thing. One thing lead to another, and soon we were hosing it down and washing the years of grime off. Noah had a great time with this project, and he has taken great pride in his work. Now, when he sees the mailbox, he says, "Noah wash that!" Someday he'll learn that everyone doesn't wash their mailbox!