Friday, February 3, 2012

Potty Training and Band Practice

Last week, Isaac made the declaration "no diapers!" and so the potty training began.  At 27 months old, we know we're in the ball park for when potty training could begin, but it wasn't quite on our radar yet.  But, it's always best to take cues from the child, even if it wasn't in our plans.  He had a blast wearing undies.  He showed his undies to Noah and me many times throughout the days when we were potty training.  

He even had one great success using the potty.  When you ask Isaac about using the potty, he now says "fountain!" and points up in the air because he created quite the fountain all over the floor and it was very exciting to him.  As he wore undies on and off for three days last week, it became apparent that we need to wait a little while longer until we officially start potty training.  After the "fountain" potty incident, Isaac refused to use the potty again, and he isn't quite ready to tell us when he needs to go.

Well, we're sure to try again in the near future.  It was an exciting glimpse into a possible diaper-free future.  A girl can dare to dream.