Thursday, February 2, 2012


Noah loves getting mail.  He is interested in everything to do with the postal system and how mail travels around the world.  He loves it when he gets mail from Grammy and Yaya and Baubie.  He eagerly checks the mail every day, and he claims any mail for himself that is not important to us.  He opens and examines all our junk mail, and he loves to "fill out" all the credit card applications and any other types of forms.

Noah loves mail so much that when we were in Arizona, he "wrote" and sent himself 7 letters.  That's dedication to getting mail when you're sending it to yourself!!

He especially loves getting international mail, and he was so excited when we recently got a letter form my exchange sister in Japan.

It's a little early for Noah to have a true international penpal yet (especially because I don't know how I would find a 4-year-old in another part of the world that shares his love of mail), so we did the next best thing - we signed up with Postcrossing, and it is so much fun!  With postcrossing, you send and receive postcards from other Postcrossing members all over the world.  

In just the last month, we have sent postcards to Germany and the Netherlands, and we've received postcards from the Netherlands and Poland.  We're keeping track of all this on the world map in Noah's room.  So, really it combines two of Noah's passions - mail and geography.  Score!