Saturday, July 16, 2011


It appears that we have a one-year-old sharpshooter on our hands.

He loves to use the spray attachment on the hose.  It's pretty hard for him to use his little thumbs to push the lever to spray the hose, but he can do it.  He stands in position, ready and waiting for someone to come in range.

As soon as someone is close enough, they get a spray and Isaac screams with delight.

Here, Noah is getting sprayed with the mist setting.  A few days later, Isaac discovered the jet setting.  It sprays a hard jet of water.  Now, once he gets his hands on the hose, he twists the sprayer to every setting and sprays the hose to figure out what setting it's on.  Once he has found the jet setting, he's ready for action.

Noah thought it was fun to get sprayed with the mist on this day.  Now that Isaac has discovered the jet setting, it's not as fun for big brother to get sprayed.  Now, once our sharpshooter is in position with the hose, we hide and take turns running past him.  Isaac is fast with the jet stream, so he can usually "shoot" us as we run by on the way to the next hiding spot.

The best part is Isaac's screams of delight as he "shoots" us.
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