Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Noah loves Saturdays because it means it's time for projects.  He wants to help with everything, and he really is able to be a good helper to Matt with many things around the house.

In this picture, Noah is holding the shop vac while Matt drilled through the front door in order to install a peep hole.

I can't believe how old Noah looks in this picture.  Maybe it's the hair cut.  Maybe it's the way he's intensely  holding the shop vac and being a helper.  Maybe it's the safety glasses.  Whatever it is, he's aged a few years in this picture.

I'm not ready for him to look so old.

Hmm...let me see...

There.  That's better.

Here's Noah at 14 months.  

Chubby cheeks, curly blond hair.

Still a baby.

Dreaming of holding a shop vac and helping Daddy with projects when he gets older.

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