Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Isaac is Eight Months Old!

This has been the month of crawling! You are the master of your own universe now. You can go anywhere you want!

The best way to describe your crawling is "inchworming." You pull yourself along on your elbows then bring your knees up to your belly. You're fast. Surprisingly fast.

Your favorite things to get into are anything that is forbidden: Emma's water bowl, electrical cords, any toy of Noah's that has small pieces, drum sticks, houseplants, dust bunnies of Emma's hair, important pieces of paper, the list goes on...

The most often overheard phrase around the house this month was, "No! Get away baby! That's mine!" Your brother's world was rocked by your new mobility. He still likes having you around, but he liked it a little better when you stayed in one spot and he could have all his toys to himself. It's very hard for him to understand that all these toys he's had to himself are now supposed to be shared with you (well, he's supposed to share the big toys that aren't dangerous to you, not the other ones). If Noah is playing with five firetrucks, I try to convince him to let you play with two of them. The problem is that the two he shares with you are never the ones that you wanted. Well, I guess this is the beginning of figuring out how to really play together. I love watching you two interact.

What will the next month bring?

We love you, Isaac!
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