Friday, June 18, 2010

First Swimming Lesson

We had a great day at our neighborhood pool on Thursday morning.  Noah had his first swimming lesson with is friends Austin and Allie. His swimming teacher is Ms. Sandie from our church.  They worked on skills like kicking, blowing bubbles, jumping in the pool (into Ms. Sandie's arms), and floating in their backs.  Noah thought it was a lot of fun.

I swam with Noah and Isaac after the lesson, and immediately noticed that Noah had so much more confidence after his lesson.  He was floating just like his was in the above picture, but he didn't need me to hold on to his hands the whole time.  He kept saying, "Look Mommy!  I'm swimming with no help!"  We spent Saturday morning at the pool and Noah had a blast jumping into the pool.  He jumped with so much more force and power with his legs, and by the end of the morning he didn't want anyone to catch him (so we would stand farther back with our hands underwater and catch him that way).  He would jump in and go completely underwater, then his floaties would get him back to the surface.  That's a whole lot of swimming progress in three days!  
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