Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Favorite

Oh my!  This is my new all-time favorite picture of the boys.  I'm going to order a print and get it framed very soon.  I love the moment this photo captures, and it's further proof of my theory that if you take enough pictures, you're bound to get a good one.

Here's the story behind the picture:  Noah and Isaac were having a lot of fun in the hammock, but the camera was nowhere in sight.  After about five minutes, Noah was finished and got out of the hammock and started playing in the backyard.  I took Isaac into the house and got the camera and forced encouraged Noah to get back in the hammock with his brother in hopes of getting a good picture.  Noah was not a willing participant at all the second time around.  If you look at the above picture, you can see that Isaac seems to have a somewhat happy look on his face, but if you look at Noah's arm you can see that it's flexed and pushing Isaac away while his hand is on Isaac's head just about to grab a fist-full of his hair.  If you keep looking closely, you can see that the look on Noah's face is not one of love for his brother, but one of annoyance.  Here's the series of photos.

That's the beauty of a photo, though.  I look at this one and only see my two boys having fun in a hammock.  
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