Friday, November 27, 2009

A Table For Twelve

We had a great Thanksgiving here, and we hope you did too! It was our first Thanksgiving at home in about eight years, and we were excited to host the gathering of 13 people (our table only needed to seat 12 because Isaac peacefully slept through the meal). We could have fit everyone in our dining room, but it would have been a tight fit. Instead, we moved our dining room table into the living room and attached it to our kitchen table. Viola! We had more than enough room! We ordered almost the entire meal from Fresh Market, and it was just as good as if we had cooked everything ourselves. In addition, we cooked a second turkey to have for leftovers, so the house smelled so good.

Our household has expanded by nine for the Thanksgiving weekend: Mom Diamond is visiting from Atlanta, Jim is visiting from San Francisco, and the Lanigan family is visiting from Long Island, NY. Our days have been busy and relaxing at the same time, and we are all having a blast together. Tomorrow, we're heading out to the Whitewater Rafting Center.

Here's some more Thanksgiving picture.