Sunday, May 6, 2007

Look Mommy, I have feet!

Well today was another adventure in parenting. Laura and I had the some of the best laughs and fun as a married couple today. Noah is turning our world upside down and we love it!
We all slept last night for six hours (not continuously)! It was a heavenly experience. Noah spent his first night in his bassinet. Today started out with a feeding at 2:55 am and progressed nicely from there. Grammy and Grandad Christiansen have been working hard around the house, helping out with chores. They put balloons on the front porch to decorate for Noah's arrival. Later in the day Laura and Noah had their first tummy time. After tummy time Noah needed to be changed and during the process found out out that he has feet. With a clean diaper and a full tummy, we ventured out on our first walk. The temperature was perfect, not too hot, not too cold (rare in Charlotte). We walked to the end of the street, and back -- little steps at a time.
We hung out on the porch and enjoyed the rocking chairs. A little later Dean and Joy brought over Austin and a supper for our family. Dean got to meet Noah for the first time, and Noah's new friend Austin came for a visit. They were posed in the pack and play for their first meeting. We all ate dinner and it was delicious, thank you Joy and Dean! Wheeeeew. What a great day!

Well as I type this we are preparing for our day tomorrow, and completing the last feed for the day. See the pics from today's activities here.

Until tomorrow!