Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Element of Suprise

Laura and I were told by many of the baby books and infant care classes that that once Noah was born, both Laura and I would have chemicals released in our bodies, that would create a euphoric love for our child. Weather it's the chemicals or just a natural feeling, it is amazing how much we love our little Noah. Laura and I can't stop commenting on how much we love everything he does--EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter if he is sweetly cooing at us while we hold him or peeing all over our walls, because someone (well, actually both of us -- not just once) forgot to put the diaper in the "strategic" location. It is the most wonderful feeling to look into his sweet eyes and admire everything he does no matter how small or big.

The past few days have been relatively busy, but not in the rushed sense. We have taken our time to enjoy our time with Noah. Diaper changing, feeding and the daily activities of caring for him have been a nice experience. Don't get me wrong -- it isn't without it's moments, however we enjoy the activities of parenthood.
In the past few days, our friends Ron and Kristen dropped by. They brought their son JT and daughter Ali by to visit Noah.

Grammy and Grandad Christiansen brought a bassinet from Laura's Great Aunt Eunice's house. They worked hard to varnish the wood and put new bedding inside. We put Noah in the crib he officially initiated it within moments of being put inside.

Tummy time has been a neat to see how he can now lift his head and move independently.

Normally, before Noah, Emma our yellow lab would have been the focus of our affection and attention, and up until now, we haven't mentioned her. She is getting over her initial apprehension of Noah and starting to get closer and beginning to see if he is around and he's up to.

Growing up in Bethesda, Laura had a neighbor Janie Harmon who Laura's family keeps in touch with, sent a nice gift of a teddy bear (which is a gift that Laura has wanted for Noah for awhile). We took pic's of Noah with the teddy which is just as big as he is! Check out the pics from these days!