Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun with the Lanigan Family

Our friends Cindi and Ed, along with their four boys Adrian, Ryan, Jonah and Trevor, drove down from New York to see Noah over the Memorial Day weekend. Noah had a great time with them - there was Cindi's tireless holding and rocking and "getting the gas out," lots of new faces to look at, lots of new voices to listen to, and new adventures. Ed, Matt, and the boys went tubing on Lake Norman and had a great time. They took the camera along and took LOTS of pictures - here are some highlights of their tubing adventure. We also went on a drive-thru safari at Lazy 5 Ranch. The Lanigans had fun feeding the animals, but we drove through in our own car with the windows rolled up - we didn't want llama spit on Noah at such a young age!! Noah slept through this first safari, but we know he must have been having very interesting dreams. There was also the ongoing competition of ultimate badminton in our backyard - the Lanigan boys are quite the athletes! It was a great weekend and we were sad to see them go back to New York. Noah instantly noticed how quiet our house was - he seems to prefer lots of noises and voices to listen to! Here are more pictures from the weekend.