Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day

We finally got some snow last week! 
We had about an inch of fluffy snow and the boys enjoyed every minute of playing outside.
Our snowy backyard
Isaac decided it was his job to shovel the snow off the deck

Noah had a great time riding on the sled like a snowboard.  It was a good workout for him!

Noah's snow angel

Isaac's snow angel

Our snowy house

School was still in session because it was a homestudy day.  Noah did lots of great work
 in between playing in the snow.
Noah spent most of the day sledding

Isaac spent most of the day moving the snow from place to place

Noah and his friend Ryan had some good sledding fun together

Isaac spent lots of time under the deck "chopping off" all the icicles that had formed there

And he had great fun hammering the ice that had formed in a bucket of toys
This might have been our one snow day for this winter, so we tried to enjoy every minute of it!