Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reading is Dangerous!

Isaac is starting to read!  He has started reading signs along the road and words around the house, as well as the first few BOB books.  He is tickled that he can actually read the words on the pages of books!
Isaac loves to do things to surprise us, so he likes to say things like "This may knock you off your chair" or "This may knock your socks off" because you'll be so surprised by the wonderful thing that he's about to do.
It became a joke that we that we should wear a helmet so we don't hit our head when we fall off our chair from surprise when Isaac reads to us.  So naturally, in this picture and video, I'm sitting next to Isaac while he's reading and I'm wearing my helmet.  That just looked so fun that Isaac put on his helmet too.  Reading can be so surprising that you need to wear a helmet, of course!
Here's a video of Isaac reading:
We know Isaac has something else to surprising planned when he gets a glimmer in his eye and says "Get your helmet on!"
Who knows what surprises will come our way next?