Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Art Gallery

Our playroom is bursting at the seams with art!  I didn't have a plan of what to do with all of Noah's preschool art, so when he brought it home, I would just tape it to the wall.  As the year progressed, the wall grew into an art gallery!
This wall is Noah's preschool art, with a few pieces from Isaac mixed in too.

This wall is Isaac's art and paintings that were made at home.

Now that we're getting ready for a new school year to start, we've taken all the art off the wall.  The playroom is currently strangely empty without all the wonderful colors!  Noah is so excited to fill up the room again with is Kindergarten art.

We took pictures of the art so that we can play an artwork slide show on TV.  We chose our favorite pieces (which was very challenging!) to keep, and I bought a storage box for each boy to keep in his closet.