Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Visiting Baubie

The boys had great fun packing for our trip to Baubie's house.  It's a 4-hour drive, so the boys have great fun packing up all sorts of activities to do in the car.  They usually bring etch-a-sketches, cars, trucks, coloring books, construction vehicle toys, stuffed animals. and whatever else gets thrown into the back seat.   
Noah was completely worn out from all the excitement of the trip, so he fell asleep before we even pulled out of the driveway.  Here he is with his pizza dinner and crayons on his lap.

Isaac had already had a nap, so he was wide awake and ready to go.  He had my chapstick in his hand, and he had great fun smearing it all over his chin and cheeks.

At Baubie's house, the boys love sleeping in sleeping bags next to each other on the floor.  This picture is from Isaac's nap time, when Noah decided that he would do "hallway duty" and keep Isaac company during his nap.  Needless to say, Isaac didn't nap, but they had fun together and Noah was such a loving brother to take care of Isaac.

One of the boy's favorite parts of Baubie's house is her dance studio, which the boys call the "running room."  They love the full-length mirrors and the space to run.  This trip, they had a blast playing catch with a ball and just going crazy trying to run after the ball.

They were soaking wet with sweat and happily worn out after playing in the "running room."  That's a wonderful thing!