Tuesday, July 17, 2012


One of Isaac's favorite things is to ride Noah's bike.  And when I say ride, what I really mean is RIDE.  There's nothing quite like a fearless 2-year-old riding a bike.  It's quite the sight.  He goes as fast as he can and steers out of danger at the last minute.  We've tried to teach him how to break, but he prefers to crash into things while screaming with laughter.

When either of the boys rides the bike, they sometimes get stuck in a low spot, where the back tire spins continuously.  They both love it when this happens, and they say "exercise! Exercise!" because they like to watch the spinning classes at the YMCA.  It's entertaining to them that adults like to ride exercise bikes that don't go anywhere.

In the picture above, Isaac was stuck in a puddle, but he kept spinning his wheel and yelling "exercise!"  He pedaled so hard and for so long, that he spun all the water out of the puddle and got completely wet from the spray.

He couldn't have been any happier!