Thursday, July 19, 2012

Treasures and Engineering

Noah has may treasures in his life.  He is always devising a different way to keep his treasures nearby.  On this day, he had index cards on a circle clip through his belt loop, and a basket full of treasures through another belt loop.  He tried running with all his treasures, but he wasn't very aerodynamic, so he made us vow to keep them safe and protected while he ran.

On a different day, he wanted to have his notebook and pen close by while he rode his bike in case he wanted to stop and take notes.

So, he used twine and made a notebook holder.

The twine was good, but it needed improvement.  So, he used a rubber band.

The rubber band was the perfect solution.  It created the right amount of friction on the notebook and held it in place perfectly!

Our little engineer.