Friday, June 8, 2012

Preschool Graduation

The last week of Noah's year at preschool was a non-stop party!
This is Noah's preschool classroom, and all his friends are having a pizza party to celebrate the end of the school year

Isaac joined in the celebration and had a huge ice cream sundae

Isaac had one last chance to play with his favorite toys in Noah's classroom

Brothers?  You decide!

The kids gathered around in the circle time area to watch a photo DVD of their year together.  It was a tearjerker (for me, that is)

Noah decided that he wanted to write a letter to each person in his class.  He worked very hard on this project.  He drew a picture of himself and wrote "NOAH" on 13 cards, then delivered the cards to each child's mailbox on the last day of school.  He said he wanted his friends to remember him and what he looked like.

Here we are, all set for the graduation ceremony.  Noah was tickled that he got to wear a tie!

Here's Mr. Handsome with his new haircut.  I'm pretty sure the shorter hair makes him look 2 years older.

All the graduating students sang songs in the chapel.  Noah is front and center in this picture: the middle of the middle row, wearing his blue shirt and tie

Isaac loved the graduation ceremony and rested patiently on my lap

Here is Noah with his two teachers, Ms. Jean and Ms. Karen.  Noah got his first medal at the graduation ceremony!  

Noah had a great year of preschool, and he loved every minute of it.