Thursday, April 26, 2012

New York City

While we were visiting the Lanigans, we took a day trip to New York City to do some sightseeing.

We started at Wall Street

Then had some New York pizza

Jonah especially liked the buffalo chicken pizza

Then we took the Staten Island Ferry.  The view of the skyline was breathtaking on such a beautiful day!  We got a great view of  the new World Trade Center under construction on the left of the skyline

Noah and New York City

Matt and Isaac on the ferry

Noah strains to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty

There she is!  The Statue of Liberty!

Noah and the Statue of Liberty 

Isaac and the Statue of Liberty

After we finished our ferry ride we walked to the South Street Seaport

Noah, Trevor and Jonah in front of the tall ships

Noah in front of downtown New York City

Two boys say, "I love New York!"

Then it's time to rest

Beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge

Nothing tastes better than ice cream after a long day of sightseeing!

Mmm... New York ice cream tastes so good!