Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter in New York

We flew to New York to celebrate Easter with our friends Ed and Cindi Lanigan and their youngest boys, Jonah and Trevor.  It was great to see them again, and Noah and Isaac had so much fun at their house.  A house that holds four boys is a treasure trove of fun!!

Isaac tried a peep, but after one very sugary bite, he decided he didn't like it.  He did learn that Mommy likes them, so I got all the rest of his peeps!

Noah and Trevor dyed Easter eggs

The boys were excited to find bubbles in their Easter baskets, so they went right outside to blow lots of bubbles

One of the highlights of Easter was watching Ed and Matt figure out how to cook a full turkey on a charcoal BBQ.  They got the BBQ going before we went to mass, and by the time we came home, the turkey was almost done.  It was a great (and very manly) way to cook Easter dinner!

The boys had a pre-lunch lunch after we came home from mass

The Easter bunny hid eggs in the front yard and Isaac squealed with delight as he picked them up

Noah was very proud of his full basket

In the afternoon, we went to Fire Island and the boys got a cold and windy glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean

We had a fun walk to the lighthouse 

Isaac and Jonah quickly became buddies

The four boys had fun exploring around the lighthouse

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration!