Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the Life: Monday

I am participating in the Week in the Life scrapbooking challenge on www.aliedwards.com. We have always taken a lot of pictures, but I wanted to capture the routines of our week. That means that I took lots of pictures of things I wouldn't have otherwise thought of as significant - a dirty kitchen before I cleaned it up, a dishwasher full of clean dishes, and the boys in a shopping cart at Target.

This is a great exercise in appreciating the blessing of today and focusing on what makes today special. Some days I can get caught up in thinking that in a year when Isaac is walking we'll be able to do so much more, or won't it be nice when [fill in the blank]... In reality, a year from now when Isaac is walking and Noah is in pre-school and our schedule is busier, I'll look back on this time in our lives when Isaac was 5 months old and we spent a lot of time at home and wish we could have that simplicity again. So, I am making a point to enjoy these days when Noah is still a two-year-old and Isaac is still a five-month-old.
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