Monday, March 24, 2008


Noah has become quite the communicator! He signs the word "more" quite a bit (that's what he's signing in the above photo). "More" can mean many different things: give me more, I like what I'm eating and I'm so happy that I'll be getting more soon, I want that, let's do that again, that was fun, I'm happy... and many more meanings. When he signs "more," it always seems to make sense in the context of the situation.

The other way that Noah communicates is the point and grunt method. The point and grunt can also mean many things: I want that, there's the microwave/vacuum/remote control/computer/insert electronic device here, let's go outside, I hear something over there, I see a car, here comes Emma... It can sometimes be time consuming and confusing to figure out what every point and grunt means, but it does always mean something. We're trying to teach Noah more specific signs so he can start to communicate more specifically, since he has so much to say!

Speaking of saying things, Noah's newest word is "uh oh." He is so cute when he says it! Just he words "uh oh" can also mean a lot of different things: Something fell down, something is on the floor, something scary just happened, I want mom and dad's attention...

Here's a few more pictures of Noah thoroughly enjoying his dinner.
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